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"View All Steps" not working in Firefox Answered

Has anyone else been unable to get "View All Steps" to work recently in firefox?

After logging in, I click on the View All Steps button on a given instructable and the page refreshes, but when it finishes, I'm still looking at only the first step. Even if I manually append "?ALLSTEPS" to the end of the url, when the page loads, "?ALLSTEPS" is cleared from the url and, again, only the first step.

I'm using the latest version of firefox and have even tried disabling all my add-ons but to no avail.

The functionality works as it should in IE8, but I prefer to use firefox.


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10 years ago

"View All Steps" is one of the extra value features you get with a paid membership. Since you've been a member since 2007, you should have been "grandfathered" for a while, but it's now been much more than a year since paid memberships were rolled out at Instructables, as a consequence of losing a substantial portion of their investment and advertising money.