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Vintage Pillowcase Challege at Handmade Parade Answered

Got some pillowcases hiding in your closet that probably count as "vintage" by now? Handmade Parade is hosting a Vintage Pillowcase Challenge. Refashion one vintage standard-size pillowcase into something fantastic and submit a tutorial by February 15th, and you'll be in the running to win a gift certificate for one of three great online fabric stores.

(And hey, an instructable would be the perfect format for submitting a tutorial, eh? Just email a link to your instructable to the submissions email address at Handmade Parade.)

Contest rules, from Claire at Handmade Parade:
1. Submissions must be received no later than February 15th and no earlier than January 15th.
2. You can only use one standard sized pillowcase (not king) and it should be a vintage piece.
3. Please email your entries to handmade_parade@yahoo.com

Each entry will be judged by a panel of amazingly talented judges (the list of whom will beposted as we get closer to the 15th) who will be looking for the most creative and fabulous 'entry.'

Handmade Parade's Vintage Pillowcase Challenge


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