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Vintage/Classic/Antique/Old Motorcycle, Scooter, and Moped Parts Sourcing? Answered

Does anyone know a good source for obsolete parts?
Finding parts for my '72 CB175 is proving to be fairly easy, however, the 1970 Harley M65S (leggero) by Aermacchi is proving much more difficult.

Right now I am looking for a Carb rebuild kit for a Del'Orto ME18BS, I am sure there will be others later.  If you know where to hunt this down please let me know.

Also, I think it could e useful to have a list of good vintage/odd/old parts places for other people fixing, building, or rebuilding bikes and scooters.


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10 years ago

Go to mopedarmy.com but BEWARE !!!! ONLY POST IN THE OFF TOPIC SECTION for this because it is not a moped.

You could just buy a new complete Dellorto carb for it as well as tires, lights, controls, cables, chains, etc. Motor & trans parts will be harder to find but members on MA just may have some for you.

Parts: https://www.1977mopeds.com/
Parts: http://www.treatland.tv/default.asp

MA off topic: http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/offtopic/


Reply 10 years ago

Thank You! My bigger bike has been much less trouble.