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Visible Laser Beam Answered


Without going into too much detail, a friend and I need to build at least four visible laser beam systems. We were looking on Amazon for visible green lasers but the reviews were so so.

We are looking for something that could last for at least an hour and a beam that can be bounced off of multiple mirrors.




8 years ago

By "visible" you mean that you want the audience to be able to see the beam going through the air? Or do you just need something using visible-light wavelengths?

The only way to do that (this is physics, now) is to have the light scatter off of something suspended in the air. You can use smoke, water vapor (fog), talcum power/cornstarch/etc., little bits of mylar confetti, whatever. If you don't want the audience to see the stuff in the air, water vapor, for example from a spray bottle, is probably your best bet.

No matter what you do, the beam will not be a solid-looking bar of light, like you see in the movies. That's done with either post-production effects, or CGI, or something, not actual lasers.