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Visit My Vegetable Garden Blog While I Build a few Instructables Answered

I just discovered Instructables. I am working on my first one called How to Grow Large Tomatoes in Containers. I am surprised there is no Gardening Forum (HINT).

Anyway it is my passion and hobby. I hope to find other gardeners. Please visit me at The Rusted Vegetable Garden.

I hope to bring a bunch of my blog to some simple step instructables. I like the use of pictures as a way to teach. I also started using videos and that is what the above Instructable will have.




7 years ago

We're growing tomatoes in pots as well.......I'd be interested in your instructable! My DH is trying a new idea for keeping the pots watered. It's growing season here in Florida, and once it warms up more watering becomes a chore/pain


Reply 7 years ago

I just wrote my first instructable and it has a video.

Hmmm. Some problem with moving around Instructables right now. Can't make link.But it is called How to Grow LargeTomatoes in Containers.

I also have a pretty basic double water resevoir 5 gallon container you can build. Ill get that posted soon.


7 years ago

There may not be a Gardening forum (not much call for it - browse and see how few gardening topics there are), but there is a Gardening channel.