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Vivarium Wireing Help.. Answered

Hi im building a vivarium for my fat-tail geckos the standerd 1s boar me so i wont something diffrent so i need some help.
The viv i have no problems with im already in the middle of the build its just the electrics i cant do. i have an idea it just seeing if it can be done or something neater or similer .

At the minut im useing a plastic vivarium with items (3), (5), (6).
But item (5) the manul timer is being use instead of item (2) The Microclimate day/night dimming Thermostat as the manual timer is a cheaper option and using it to turn the mat on and off to regulate the temp......

So what im trying to do is have Some thing like item (1) useing this as the main controller .

This is what im after :Item (1),(2),(3)(4),(6) in 1 neat package well to run off 1 plug ...

I was going to use a fan controller (pc) as this already has 3-5 small neat temp sencers and reads temps and the fan controller disply would looks cool and small and its 12v like the LCD lights ..and was going to use the the fan controller knobs to control White/Blue LCD Lights to turn then on and off ie:White for day and Blue for the night .and 1 of the other control knobs as my be a dimmer switch for the heat mat ...I think ive put that as id like it ..

( Sorry im dyslexics if spelling and dosent make sence in place's)

Thanks hope some 1 can help .

Oh im rubbish with electrics and forgot to mention that my viv is getting wall mounted as the need for 1 plug.


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