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Vizio [VA22L FHDTV10T] flat screen TV will not stay on? Answered

I have a 22" Vizio TV that powers up, Vizio label turns white then blue screen comes on for just a second and goes black but label stays white. The TV is only a few years old and I was using it as a monitor for my computer. Is this an easy fix? or will it cost more than it's worth?


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5 years ago

It could possibly be a power supply problem. Flat screens and older plasma TV especially are notorious for the electrolytic capacitors in the power supplies drying out over the years inside that hot case. When that happens, the ripple & noise on the voltage rails grows, and can cause weird problems. Eventually the capacitors will be too high ESR to filter and stabilize the power supply outputs, so the power supply fails. Luckily this is often a easy and cheap fix, requiring just a few dollars worth of new high quality caps. Hopefully that is all that had happened.