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Voice Changer Software Into Voice Changer Hardware Answered

I'm making a costume. It's a cosplay.

What I Have: Voxal Voice Changer. I already know it's capable of making exactly the voice I need.

What I Need: A way of synthesizing my voice with that voice effect as part of my costume.

Is this possible? The voice I need isn't a very complex one, but it's not a simple pitch change, either. All it is is a little flanger and a little vibrato, but so far I can't find voice changer devices that allow this without being hooked up to a smart phone or a computer, nor was I able to find portable voice changers that included this effect. They're all girthy with lights and dials, and that's hard to conceal on a costume.

I noticed Voxal has an export voice feature that allows users to create .voxal files out of the voices, so I'm wondering if there are existing voice changers that could have this file uploaded to it some how, or if there is a way to make or modify a voice changer to do this.

Let me know what you think.


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