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Voice program? i meen, see details to help me and see what i need exactly!!! Please! Thx! :) Answered

I need some kinda program, to i can type text there, and like narator, i choise what voice i want to sing, and then i fill notes, tones, or whatever, and he start singing that text on that tones.. Like some program that making voice on melody you type or play, and he sing text i typed.. Because i dont have mic.. and if i have, i dont know to sing, and i wanna make some song for my girlfriend.. Some nice voice program.. whatever.. if it even exist.. i will really appracieted all answers.. !!!!! sry for my bad english, i am serbian, i kinda s*ck in other languages... ;)



10 years ago


You could use a musical vocoder to modulate your own voice into the correct notes.

Or you could use a Text-to-speech synthesizer like MBROLA with Euler to create the voice.

But if you decide that MBROLA is too complicated for your needs, you could also try creating a script for a simpler TTS engine, like Microsoft Agent.