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Volume limit Answered

My friend bought a ipod nano 2gb recently n i happen to have the same nano bought this july....but problem is his lower/bottom is made of some sort of steel whereas my nano seems to be same from both front and back!!!!
but the main HUGE problem is his max volume level is way higher than mine>>>>

I have tried everything in the pod to match that level=no use
I want to know is there a way that i cud get it modified to that level



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13 years ago

This was suggested to me by a fellow net user..if anyone cud jus help me out with this>> "can't remember off the top of my head how to do it but the nano has a volume cap lock on it that can be disabled in its menus. I suspect you have teh cap enabled and your friend doesn't. If you search for for nano volume cap or lock you should find how to do it" So is there anyway i can use this cap lock to increase my vol limit???? IF so kindly help me how??