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Vortex Air / Vacuum Amplifier Help?! Answered

Ok I need something to amplify my shop vac. I am building a cnc machine and I will have a vacuum attached near the cutting head. The problem is the distance of the pipe. The vacuum will barely be strong enough to pick up dust. I have seen some really cool vacuum amplifiers and air amplifiers that just run off compressed air. You get 25x what you put into it, but they want an insane amount of money for a machined metal ring. Here is what I am talking about


It is all based off of the Hilsch vortex tube. There is an instructable on how to make one. They are just spinning the air to induce the surrounding air to move.

There has to be a way to do the same thing or make these for a ton less than what they are charging. Anyone have any ideas?


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Distorted Designs
Distorted Designs

13 years ago

Ohh I just found something that may help. These use THE COANDA EFFECT, a basic principle of fluidics to create air motion.