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Voting has begun for Homemade Holidays Contests! Answered

We've gotten some great entries for both the Homemade Holidays Contest and the Homemade Holidays Food Contest, and now it's up to YOU to choose the finalists!

Vote for your favorite entries by visiting the contest pages above and clicking on the VOTE button next to your favorite picks right from that page, or on top of the Instructable page.  You can vote for as many entries as you want.

When voting closes on January 3rd, your votes will help to determine the finalists. The top 15 entries in terms of votes will become finalists. In addition, another 15 finalists will be chosen by Instructables staff for a total of 30 finalists.

When the finalists are chosen, they will be judged until January 11th, and winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

The future is in your hands - go vote today!


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11 years ago

i can help judge, doing the ballot thing, if you need help :) its fun.