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Vu meter input? Answered

Well I want to make a stereo Vu meter for my computer. https://www.instructables.com/id/SOCKO0TFI36FRXJ/ I want it to be stereo but dont know how to do that. Im planning to cut a headphone to get the audio jack and thats stereo so how will that go into the scematic. (excuse the spelling its late)

And does anyone know if i can find the ic at radio shack




Best Answer 10 years ago

You will need to build another VU circuit using the same schematic information as for a mono VU. So your parts list will be for two of each components. I'm not sure if your source signal will require additional amplification. You could use a stereo headphone splitter outlet adaptor, the type that allows the use of two sets of headphones, this will enable you to use this spare outlet for your project. Next purchase a stereo jack plug and wire it to your VU circuit. Looking at the stereo plug with it's cover removed, the tip of the plug is left channel, the middle ring is right channel, and the last ring nearest the back is common -ve or ground connection for both left and right source signals. You will also notice this connecting lug has along tang with a clamping piece to secure the outer sheath of your connecting cable. This common ground connection will go to both left and right pin 4's of your VU IC's. while pin 5 of one VU IC can be left source input, and pin 5 of the other VU IC can be right source input. I would of thought the IC could be easy to source... Digi Key possibly. I hope this information proves useful. Regards


10 years ago

To make a stereo VU meter, you need two VU meters..... Dunno about Radio Shack