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WANTED: Free Large/Medium-Sized Neodymium Magnets Answered

Hello I am looking for large or medium-sized neodymium magnets that you no longer want or need. Magnets of more than 1in are preferred but magnets of a slightly smaller size are ok. The preferred shape(s) of the magnets is/are cube, bar, sphere, or cylinder but any shape is perfectly fine. Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this post, whether you can provide any magnets or not. Please reply if you can provide any magnets. I am willing to pay shipping if it isn't too high. Thanks again and have a great one. Bye! :)

Side note: I am well aware that magnets are relatively cheap online but I need to get a large amount of large to medium-sized neodymium magnets and the price adds up very quickly so please think about giving me some magnets.



2 years ago

Neodymium magnets of that size are not cheap, not even in todays terms.
If you need large numbers then the best option really is to buy them in bulk from a dedicated seller or company.
Discounts of up to 30% or even more are no problem if you take the price for a single magnet as the base for the bulk order.
It also allows you to get all magnets in the desired shape, size and quality.


2 years ago

Do they have to be Neodymium? Big ceramic magnets can be salvaged from speakers.

How many do you need?