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WANTED: Simple Appliance Timers for a good cause: Our community garden Answered

Hello community!

My communal community farm here in Chicago sends all its produce to a local food bank. Yay! So this year, to boost output, we're looking to help equip our volunteers with seedling starter setups, which include a crazy full-spectrum lamp and, notably, a timer to control the lamp. We'll be buying the lamps, but would anybody in the Instructables community be interested in building us some timers? No dynamic programmability needed, just has to stay on for the same hours every day this spring. I would suggest one of the projects already featured on this site, but none of them seems to be capable of the long hours that the present application demands. (Or maybe one does?)

Something mimicking the functionality of this device would be ideal: http://www.amazon.com/Woods-50006-Indoor-24-Hour-Mechanical/dp/B006LYHED0/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1361900546&sr=8-6&keywords=timer+outlet

Please let me know if you're interested. If you'd like to hear more about the community farm and the good work we're doing, check us out at http://altgeldsawyer.cornerfarmchicago.com

Thanks all!


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8 years ago

There are only 24 hours in a day. What long hours are not feasible with those relatively inexpensive timers?


Reply 8 years ago

more importantly, these come certified to be safe. Since you're passing them outside of the DIYer's, it is probably a good idea to stick with the prepacked ones.