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WASSUP? Answered

Hey guys wassup? I know I only log in every 10 months...I want to change that, I just have to get back on my game. So. What is up everyone? Who are the "big" instructablers in this generation? For those who are wondering, here's whats different for me

I am now FOURTEEN. Yes. I remember when GorillazMIko posted something about graduating middle school. Well..I'm at that stage and honestly, it feels weird lol.

I have a GIRLFRIEND. Yes. It's true. I'm proud of it. Me being my low self-esteemed self, I would expect myself to only be able to get some big ugly girl, but instead I managed to get a beautiful, fit, amazing girlfriend.....ain't that weird?

I am no longer RANDOM. Yes. I've calmed down a lot. I almost wish I didn't , because now I'm just an irritable a**hole.

So. What's new, Instructables crew?


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