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So My Male RedEared Slider is Gettin To Big to be in a tank inside, So ive decided he needs a pond habitat outside!
i want to make an above ground enclosure with waterfall filter i just need some help with ideas on getting started HELP! lol



7 years ago

Head out to your local Home Depot or Lowes and check out there Landscape Pond kits. You can get kits that either have a basin or come with a line to line your own hole with. The garden centers tend to have at least one basin pond on display or have created there own above ground pond using the liner and some retaining wall bricks/blocks. Nicer kits will have a water fall feature with pump and filter. You will need to come up with your own enclosure around the pond. Be it chicken wire or building a small fence around the edge out of acrylic.


i Ended up Just using a Large kiddie Pool With Drift Wood in the center For basking & Also little "islands" Made out of Milk crates & such With Holes cut for him to swim under to escape predators Weighed Down With Large River Rocks & with the Entry Ways hidden By Driftwood Also Took Some Old medium sized Plastic Drawers from a broken shoe organizer thing & made him a tunnel system to swim under HE LOVED IT! But IT WAS HARD UPKEEP i had to constantly Empty & Fill it Cause of the damn mosquitoes No Matter What i did to try to keep the water moving NOTHING WS ENOUGH so next summer gotta figure out a cover or better water flow


Answer 7 years ago


Turtles can be determined escape artists. I had a red-eared slider (also in TX) that pushed up the wire fencing over his outdoor pond and escaped in search of good-looking lady turtles.

Acrylic or some other smooth material would be a good choice for the sides of the enclosure so that the turtle cannot get a grip with his claws and climb. Wire mesh would be an excellent choice for the top of the enclosure.

I Found That out NOW on to Building a Cabinet Recycle Like Plexi glass Winter Habitat For Him Since He is Too Big For the heated Tank now Sooo im Trying to Figure Something Out Based On this Pet store turtle enclosure i saw That went Wide & far back into a "cabinet" so More area to swim Less Depth But Much Better Filtration