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WImeo is censored in Indonesia Answered

Hi I live in Indonesia and am a great fan of instructables, I recently signed up for Arduino class and robotics class. But turns out Wimeo that you use to show videos is blocked in Indonesia ( to stop people watching porn)  This makes it harder to follow the classes and see results of experiments and so on. Could you also make the videos available on youtube and just put a link in under the videos as that is not blocked here. ?
thank you for your attention



3 years ago

If your internet speed is half decent you can try a free VPN service but from my knowledge internet is slow for most people in your region already and a free VPN makes it a bit slower again.
Your country "blocks" websites by returning wrong DNS packets to you.
If you are lucky then you ISP has not already blocked DNS services like Google or OpenDNS, worth a check.
The last alternative I know that works for such simple censorchip is a service like DNSCrypt.
Once setup it will literally encrypt all DNS traffic so your ISP is unable to see what is going on.
Should also free a lot of other blocked websites for you.
Use it with caution and only where and when required!
Once too many people use these "backdoors" the gouvernment will notice and try to find ways to block it too.
When that happens your only way out is a paid VPN server to get the data you need.
Question is if you are willing (able) to spent money on such services and if you have enough use for it to justify the costs.