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Walker/Rollator/KneeScooter type of DIY varieties for knee problem Answered

Hi I am totally new here but have used the search so need your help.
I have knee problems. But needs something other than a standard Walker/Rollator
So I looked on youtube and google for kneescooters or rideons and Balance Bikes.

The reason is that I need something to sit on. A KneeScooter is ideal for that kind of thing.
Them are like a knew walker or knee rollator but one sit on them instead. So why don't I
just buy the best of them and just love it :)

Well them are on the wrong continent. I live in and are a native of Sweden which is Northern Europe
in case you wonder. We don't know about such high tech over here. Sure we have same "assisted"
Scooters like you have. Like sitting on a three or four wheel Motor Scooter but electric instead of Gasoline.

Heavy things you can not take inside unless you buy the coolapsable that is rather neatly made.

Anyway I don't really need motor assist I do have muscles so I can pedal a bike but bikes are not allowed
inside the Mall and get stolen outside the Mall. Bikes are frown upon on the communal transport like Bus
or Commuter Train and such.

A Rollator or a Wheeled Walker is allowed everywhere so what I need is a KneeScooter that looks and
behaves like a standard Wheeled Walker/Rollator but that one can sit on and ride like a Balance bike for kids.

I can try to link to or upload drawings later how I have tried to envision what such would look like or function.

So to conclude. It should appear to the Guards, Security Persons at the Mall like any standard Rollator.
But then outside when them look away you touch a few buttons or something and it transforms into this
handy BalanceBike but for grownups that allow me to push and kick myself striding or riding along but
without pedals or motors.

Dimensions maybe at most a yard = some 3 feet length and width maybe at most 2 feet and height adjustable for
individual length of legs. So it should change between two positions or functions. Like a Rollator Wheeled Walker
and then change to a Balance Bike or toddlers bike without pedals so it should be caster wheel as a Rollator
but steerable front wheel as a Balance Bike.


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