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Walkie talkie motion sensor? Answered

Alright, so I'm sure this isn't one of those ideas that very many will get super excited about... but I was thinking it would be cool to take a walkie talkie and put a motion sensor or event a breakable laser beam on it.

In detail, the idea would be while playing paintball or something similar, you could plant it somewhere... once someone went passed it, it would use the alert function on the walkie (I don't know what the proper name is for that button, but it's the one that makes the obnoxious noise when you press it).  This would allow everyone on your team to know when the other team had passed that point.

So, how would I tackle a project like this?  As an electronics newbie am I in over my head, or is this something that I could handle with a little messing around?  Ideas?



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11 years ago

well...if your walkie talkie has a physical button for the "alert function" then you just need to solder in some kind of switch in place of it on the walkie.

a quick and dirty method would be to make a trip wire that would key that button...

one way would be to put two pieces of metal a certain distance apart (not far), then solder a wire from each piece of metal  one to each side of where that button connects to the walkie's circuit board, then use either a clothes pin or some other spring device that would push those two pieces of metal together, then slip a piece of cardboard between the metal bits and tie a string to the cardboard and run the string across the path you're wanting to track. when they step on the line or whatever it will pull the cardboard out which will make the two pieces of metal touch each other which will then actuate the "alert" switch....the biggest issue i can see with this one is that since the button on the walkie is probably a momentary switch, and what i just suggested isn't momentary, you'll get a continuous signal until someone resets the switch, which could get annoying.

the trip line method could be modified using some levers and momentary switches in some kind of way to make it a momentary action when they hit the trip line...that way when they step off of the trip line (or the string breaks) it would let go of the button.