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Wall of PC Case Fans? Answered

Hello guys, sorry if this is the wrong section but, I was thinking of making a DIY fan out of PC case fans to keep myself cool in the summer. I've tried a number of fans in the past, but they don't seems to be very good. I usually put them right next to an open window to draw cold air in. I was thinking of making some kind of rig like in the video below, only without the bitcoin mining computer. I got the idea from this video and from when I was messing around with the fans in my own PC. I was chancing the speed of the fan for the PCI cards and noticed that it could get really cold if ramped up a bit.


I was thinking of using 9 identical 120mm or 140mm fans, preferably ones that can be used with a fan controller. Here is a few of the things I need help with.

How will I power the whole thing? What kind of cabled will I need?

Could I use a fan controller to power all 9 fans? Can I even hook up 9 fans to a fan controller? Maybe I could use 2 fan controllers or something?

What brand of fans should I use?

How will I attach the fans together? Cable ties like in the video? Maybe I could make a makeshift wooden stand to hold them upright.


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6 years ago

For power just use an old PC PSU.

No cables needed. You can cut the connectors off the fans and 1 or 2 of the 12V wires of the PC PSU and solder it all together. You'll likely need to add wire to the fans to make it work. Using a nice terminal black will help to keep the transistion between the fans the the power cables from the PSU more organized.


Depends on the fan controller you use. There are 5.25" bay controllers that will control multiple fans. You may find you'll need a couple of them to control all 9. Or just connect the fans directly tot eh PSU. Chances are you'll keep them running full speed unless noise becomes a problem.

Connect them the best way you can. Zip ties are a great option then have them attached to a wooden frame so it's nice and rigid.