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Want to build DIY GPS GSM watch or compact emergency kit? Answered

Hi All,

I want to build GPS GSM wrist watch that is handy and easy to use in case of emergency even if mobile is not with the person.
In case if a person is in need due to any reason, then he or she can just press panic button and watch will send sms to 5 contacts (if possible) along with GPS location as google maps URL. My concern is easy to access, should be neat and clean (so that no one thinks it is something else) during security checks, and what if internet is not available? Is there any such other method of tracking approximate location? I am comfortable with Arduino programming.

I looked for individual GSM 808 or other components (Amazon India) and found them to be costly.

Please help me on this.



1 year ago

It is called EPIRP - a personal locator beacon for emergencies.

I fail to see the need for such a gimmick if there is no cell phone reception, and if there is then any half decent mobile phone can do what you need as a standard feature.


Answer 1 year ago

EPIRP - you mean the one used for Radio communication? That requires licenses and permissions if I am not mistaken?


Answer 1 year ago

Check with Google ;)
It is an emergency service, so no license required only paying for a new battery once dead.
You don't talk to anyone, they just give a locator signal for rescue teams.