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Want to find capacitive touch input for project Answered

Hi there,

I am working on a personal project and would like to find a capacitive touch input device which is roughly 5x30cm in size and will give me a x,y value for one or two fingers. The resolution does not need to be brilliant - 7 bit range in the x direction and maybe 5 bit in the y direction would be fine. Serial interface which I can use with my Arduino.

I would also like to get a "pressure" for each - I know this is asking a lot but the "pressure" can roughly be guessed at not by actual pressure but by perhaps an increased/decreased capacitance or the amount of the surface being covered. I only need this to determine which of the two finger inputs is pressing hardest so again it doesn't need to be precise.

Would anybody know of such a device? I mean - there must be companies producing these, I'd not want to go and have a custom one made for price considerations but surely there is something vaguely close.

I have looked into the possibility of making one for myself but it appears I would struggle to do something this complex with my Arduino alone and the only IC which will do this with a homemade panel (not that I have the ability to create a capacitive panel with this many pads) seems to be QProx QT1081 which only accepts 8 inputs.

Any pointers or ideas would be very gratefully received :)




9 years ago

Maybe this helps .http://www.paia.com/ProdArticles/touchsw.html Such pads are used to "play" music synthesizers, usually to vary or control midi parameters such as pitch bend and modulation.   More complex and you might be looking at a computer touch sensitive mouse pad like a drawing tablet. Sparkfun.com has pressure sensors for the arduino.  Good luck.