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Want to hide cords in living areas Answered

live in old house few outlets. Wish to hide cords in attractive manner


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1 year ago

I am not sure if any of this attractive to you...

As a sparky I had to deal with these a few times.
Someone got a new (old) house, needs more outlets and switches but does not want any walls to be opened (where I come from walls are solid and not just wooden frames).
A relatively neat way for outlets is to use purpose made cover boards.
You know, like these little wooden things on the wall to cover the gap to the carpet.
Available in plastic with room for up to 8 standard cables and a seperate channel for network or auidio cables.
Downside is that the old coverings need to be removed.
Needs only a short access to an outlet or if that is out of the question the cable can come out of the channel with a plug on it.
The good ones here even have the front designed as flip and lock cover, so you can mount it all and install or change wires any time with ease.
You might have to ask at a dedicated shop for electrical supplies though as no hardware store will stock them.

Option two for old Australian or US houses is to under the house.
As it is a pain to do I won't go into the details of how to get in and how to get cables around in this limited space.

Last option applies if you have carpet that is not glued on.
There is flat conduit cable available.
With this you can install the cable under the carpet, close to the nail board that holds it in place.
Adds a little bump along the wall but is far less obstrusive than cable on the carpet.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

It occurred to me, regarding this question of how to how to hide, or organize, power cords... it is a question that gets asked on this forum from time to time.

If anyone actually reads these discussions, it might be worth your, or his or her, time to look at some of the other existing topics, like:



Also I can only guess at what anyone considers an "attractive" way to do this.

I think somewhere I saw pictures of a length of vinyl garden hose, with a slit cut along the long dimension, used a kind of cheap conduit. The same trick might work with rigid PVC pipe too.

That could be "attractive" if the sight of green vinyl garden hoses, or PVC pipe, snaking along the walls (floor? ceiling?) seems to go well with the rest of the decor.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

The word, "conduit," or more specifically, "electrical conduit"


is used to describe a rigid, tube-like structure made for containing and protecting electrical wires.

The word, "raceway" describes a subset of these electrical conduits, specifically the kind meant for running wires through living or office spaces. The Wiki article linked above, mentions these, under "Other wireways - Surface mounted", but it does not have any pictures.

So an image search for, "raceway electrical conduit"


or "raceway hide cords"


might help us out, to see what it looks like.

Often this raceway stuff comes in two pieces: a back (or bottom) piece, meant to be attached to the wall, and a front (or top) piece, that covers the wires. Some kinds are easier to take apart than others.