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Want to move "tv b gone" project from Arduino(Atmega328P) to Atmega8A Answered

I found "Tv b gone" project which i can write to my arduino. It worls perfectly. I want to make it smaller but i don't want to waste my arduino board and Atmega328P which sits inside of an arduino.
Here is a video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfdVdPwPhWU
Works on one IR diode (would be glad if can do the same on atmega8a)
There is a link to download the code for arduino: http://arcfn.com/files/arduino-tv-b-gone-1.2.zip

Project page (guy changed the code to working on arduino) http://www.righto.com/2009/12/tv-b-gone-for-arduino.html

Original project page where originally everything is working on ATtiny85. https://learn.adafruit.com/tv-b-gone-kit/design-notes

If needed I've got Arduino UNO, USBasp (can burn program with USBasp using Eclipse C/C++ or ArduinoIDE)

I want to know if i could make it work on Atmega8 (internal oscilator/external crystal?) (got many of these, don't want to buy new microcontroller) without any effort?
I would appreciate if someone help me.

Sorry for my English. I'm from Europe.



4 years ago

I think you have to build some supporting circuitry for that chip to run like adding an external oscillator crystal and other bits. You need to look up how to get the bootloader program on the new chip and see if it has enough room to fit the sketch ported over from the UNO. Good luck.