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Wanted Arduino Advice For Teenager Answered

My son has expressed an interest in Arduino because he's in an after school group of "builders" in which a number of students are toying with Raspberry Pi.

He was told that Arduino can be built using a ChromeBook - we don't own a Windows computer (only Macs).

He believes that he could build using YouTube and other computer based research.

Can someone tell me if Arduino is compatible with ChromeBook?

With so many kits available, can you please advise one that will engage him for multiple projects and may even be used for growth but at the same time is not going to break the bank?

Any advice is much appreciated!!


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Antzy Carmasaic
Antzy Carmasaic

4 years ago

Arduino is the best option for getting into embedded electronics and Raspberry Pi is the best for getting started with basic computer programming. Arduino has inspired a lot of people out there to make stuff and allows begginers to make awesome projects - without breaking the bank.

Arduino doesn't straight away work with chromebooks. You'll need to take a slightly complex path(https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1803) and I don't suggest it for beginners.

Since you have Mac, Arduino software is available for it and I suggest to go with that (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software)


Reply 4 years ago

Too bad Codebender is shutting down. There doesn't seem to be a replacement for it either and educators are scrambling for something else.