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Wanted: Electrical Engineer for Tech Startup Answered

Good evening,

We are two students who are currently working on our startup project where we are developing a product for the electronics industry. A large amount of research has been made and the theory/concept of our product is in place, but we are of course open to suggestions. As we are in the process of developing our first prototype, we are now actively seeking for an electrical engineer to join our team. As a part of our team, you would become a Co-founder and receive equity in the business entity. We found Instructables and thought that there might be an interest for these type of projects from its members.

We are actively seeking a person with an electrical engineering background or similar, who is familiar with the process of prototyping, to join our team. The process of developing a first prototype will include evaluating and matching components, product specifications, product functionality and testing. The goal is a prototype that gives proof of concept with verifiable data that can be used while meeting with investors. Several investors have already been contacted and shown interest, including major angel investors from New York Angels etc. 

We do not expect you to know everything, we value commitment and passion over 10+ years of experience and it is important to us that you share our vision and mission. All we require is that you have knowledge within electrical engineering and can bring something to table, especially in the prototyping process. We are located in Honolulu, Hawaii, but are open to working together with you remotely.

Feel free to reach out if you feel that you can be committed to the project and seek a challenging co-founder tech related position!


Anna & Oliver



2 years ago

Depends on the project if I'm interested


2 years ago

I assume I am a bit too far away anyway but it would certainly help people to know in what geographical area their expertise is needed.
Won't be of much help to find the right candidate at the wrong side of the globe ;)

Tech StartupDownunder35m

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks for pointing that out, I edited the post accordingly. We are located in the United States, Honolulu, Hawaii, but we are open to working together remotely if needed, preferably within the United States.