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Wanted: Infrared Laser Tag Technology for a New Drone Game Answered

Hi, I'm looking for someone to develop infrared laser tag technology that enables drones to chase, shoot and record 'hits' on participating drones.  

   Here are the features I'm looking for:

a)  Used primarily indoors to avoid problems with FAA, BVLOS, wind etc.
b)  IR LEDs detectable @ 30 m
c)  Indicates 'hits' by light and sound
d)  Detection proximity + -  12" diameter
e)  FPV not required for MVP- line-of-sight ok
f)  'Shield' feature preferred
g)  Self contained rechargeable battery
h)  Smartphone integration preferred
i)  After a certain number of 'shots', cannon briefly disabled

   If you are an laser tag developer and this is something you can do please get in touch. 

   I will pay, or glad to cut you in on a Kickstarter / crowdfunding campaign revenue share if you prefer (or a combination of both).  I'm a Kickstarter specialist and plan on featuring it on a crowdfunding campaign.

   I don't come onto the board very often, so please email me directly at:

Earl Brown
Santa Barbara, CA  USA


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