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Wanted: Two Specific K'NEX pieces Answered

Hi there,

I'm looking for 2 specific pieces for my next K'NEX Slave I Starfighter project.
The pieces are:
- 2 times K'NEX Fluorescent Ball Half (http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/info_K90973.html), will be used as thrusters
- 2 times K'NEX "mini missile launcher" (not listed as individual item), will be used as weapons for this build.
Images found in attachments

The Ball-half appeared in the following sets:
- K'NEX Apollo-15 Lunar Lander, set number #13147 (only 1 piece)
- K'NEX Saturn V Rocket, set number #15122 (two pieces)

The miniature missile launcher appeared in the following sets:
K'NEX Mech Warrior mini series 1 & 2:
"Firefly" #11148"
"Uziel" #11146
"Vulture" #11142
"Hollander II" #11152
"Thor" #11144
"Uller" #11150

If you have:
  • These pieces and want to sell them individually
  • These pieces, but want to sell them in a set
  • any information, where to buy them, 
then post a reply comment, send me a Personal Message or mail to: GWorksmocs@gmail.com