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Wardrivers :/ Answered

Last night while collecting the mail, I noticed a glow coming from inside a car. The guy was sitting in the drivers seat with a laptop, and had a small antenna stuck on the roof of the car. He was running Ubuntu and was trying to connect into my wireless network. (WPA2 thankfully). I could even make out my SSID.

I thought of knocking on the window, but I had a better idea.

Went back inside and disconnected the modem from the router (just in case), and booted up a LiveCD of Puppy Linux. I created a ad-hoc wireless network as bait and waited. 5 minutes later someone was connected. The user connected was Darren-Lap. I got his IP address and managed to SSH into his laptop without any password prompts.

Quick Google to see if I could send him any messages through the Terminal. Found a method and sent him a message saying if he didn't leave in 5 minutes there would be consequences. His reply: "F**K YOU! Suddenly the firewall was getting a lot of hits. 

A simple "sudo rm -rf /" command sorted him out. (http://is.gd/fE7cL - demonstration)

So here's a tip: Try to hack into my network, and be prepared to lose.



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10 years ago

Cool story bro ;)

Seriously- you managed to SSH into his machine without a password prompt?  Can you even have users on Ubuntu without a password?  I'm pretty sure you can't have the root user without a password (and anyone stupid enough to do that probably doesn't have enough brain cells to use Linux... or WiFi.... or a car :) )