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Warehouse House Answered

ever since i was 12, i've wanted to live in a warehouse, 1000+ square feet. my plan would be to build an apartment (myself) on the inside, out or 2x4s, etc. I would build the inner house to code, insulate and heat it (so i wouldnt have to heat a million cubic feet), and just do all the stuff you can only do when you live in a warehouse. like ride a go-kart between your bedroom and kitchen, and have a trampoline in your living room. Now that i'm approaching the age of "hey, you're gonna be 23 soon, you'd better start thinking about a house", this is becoming more and more appealing to me. Anyone have any input on procedures, policies, zoning regulations, bills, etc? If (when) i do it, i'll most assuredly post an 'ible.



6 years ago

The first thing you should worry about is finding the right real estate. You need to find a warehouse that has all the utilities in good working order and that it is structurally stable and safe. You don't want a structure that will require major repairs since that will consume a lot of your budget. You need to find out from your municipality the zoning ordinance regarding your property. If the zone is residential you might get the right permits to start building but if your zone is deemed industrial or commercial you might find your first roadblock of your dreams. Where I live many factory buildings and warehouses have been converted into apartments, office buildings, even malls. Those projects have been million dollars investments. Your modest project is possible but you need good planning and capital to make it happen.

Harry Lee

6 years ago

Your question is little confusing me. And I am here for knowing more regarding warehouse. Anyway let explain in simple..


9 years ago

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