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Warning to anyone who does explossives Answered

As a former pyrotechnician, I fell like I must war people how dangerouse this shit is. Black powder is a high explosive and can be detonated with a slight impact of a feather. Flash powder is EXTREMELY DANGEROUSE, IT CAN BE DETONATED WITH OUT SPECIFIC REASONS. AMMOUNIUM NITRATE Is also another highly unstable high explosive, it can be set of even if you drop it. Gasoline is a high EXPLOSIVE, it just takes a spark to detonate. That why they are use in cars! DON"T LISTEN WHAT THESE OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT GAS NOT BEING AN EXPLOSIVE, IT REALLY IS AN HIGH EXPLOSIVE, I know this because I'm an pyrotecnic. Molotov cocktails are often used in the army, they canblow up holw rooms, and if the fire on the rage hits the inside of the jar youre dead. Sparklers are another high explosive, thats why they are illigal, they can detonate and blow your whole arm off. M-80 can blow up for no specific reason, the gun powder(AKA BLACK POWDER) is extremely unstable. Match heads are also as unstable as gunpowder, it can even ignite under it's own weight. Nitrogen triiodide is also unstable. Thermite can detonate with a powerful heat and force but it can only be detonated with magnesium. Pottasium nitrate can even blow up if you just leave it there. SO, DO NOT BE DOING THESE FIREWORKS!


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