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Water Cooling Blocks, used Answered

For Sale:  Used water cooling blocks.

I have 11 (eleven) water cooling blocks salvaged from equipment that was running but replaced by newer equipment. No idea how old they are but appear to be in great condition and ready to be used in your project(s). All are clean and grease free.

Aluminum block - 6"L X 2 1/2"W X 5/8"TH
Overall - 10"
Copper Tube- 3/8" dia.
Plastic barb hose fitting- 3/8" (can be changed as needed)
They have many holes drilled and tapped on one side and the other side has just a few.

Would like to sell all 11 for $125.00 + shipping  or
sell singly @$15.00 + shipping
Or best offer above these prices.
An offer to buy all will take precedence over single sales.

These will only be available here on Instructables until 11/20/09 then will be placed on eBay. Please PM me and I will respond ASAP. Will start selling singly on 11/16/09.

Money Orders preferred will take PayPal but no credit cards or checks. All sales final. You must determine suitability for yourself. Can ship UPS or USPS.

Thanks for looking.

Dave F.


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11 years ago

Hi, I forgot to say that the copper tube is flat the on the exposed side so whatever you want to attach will have maximum surface contact for cooling.

Also I offered these here first because I enjoy this site and the things this community creates. Hoping these will be useful to someone here.