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Water Mortar, Stylish Lamps, Sugar-Waxing... Answered

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Feb. 28, 2008

Welcome back!

See who won the Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge!

More contest news:

March is Pets Month at Instructables, we're launching the Toss It! paper airplane speed contest today, and the Share the Love: Valentine's Day Speed Contest results have been posted here. Don't miss out!

We'll be at SXSW Interactive March 7-11. Make LED Floaties with us at the PopSci party on March 9th!

The Weekend Builder: Water Mortar, Stylish Lamps, Sugar-Waxing, and more cool projects!

Check out these cool instructables!

The SkyWalker TallBike Project
Ride a 12-foot bike and see the world in a whole new way!
posted byKoolKaton Feb 20, 2008
Turn an IKEA Applaro into a stylish lamp
Turn "ho-hum" into "beautiful" with some artsy paper and wood stain. A nice and effective intro to IKEA-hacking.
posted bycorinna.anni.rocon Feb 26, 2008
Build a water mortar
Build a super-soaker-like toy from PVC that can launch up to a quart of water per shot!
posted bym32825on Feb 26, 2008
Sharp low-noise photography with multiple photos
This is a guide to using multiple shots and photoshop to get clean and sharp pictures.
posted byELFon Feb 21, 2008
Simple ways to circuit bend a toy
Unleash the glitchy and awesome noises from within electronic toys once you get tired of their normal sounds.
posted bynknoufon Feb 21, 2008
Fuzzy logic Mood light with LEDs
Enjoy a random light display with 25 LEDs creating a nice sci-fi mood for any room.
posted byPwntaliveon Feb 27, 2008
Zero Point Shelf
Avoid putting holes in the wall by "clamping" shelves between the ceiling and the floor.
posted bymadaon Feb 23, 2007
How to sugar-wax your legs
Get some smoother legs with a waxing technique that originated in the Middle East. It may not be painless, but it is effective.
posted byTraumaCometon Feb 19, 2008
Big lamps from IKEA lampan lamps
IKEA's lampan lamps are OK on their own, but use a dozen in a spherical array and you get something magical.
posted bydaanon Feb 23, 2008
Circuit Building 101
A beginner's guide to building circuits that talks about the "proper" way to install components and also a little bit about soldering.
posted byCuriousInventor.comon Feb 25, 2008
The Yoyos keep on spinnin'!

The Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Contest will close to entries on Saturday night. Over 60 videos have been submitted from yoyoers all over the world, showcasing incredible tricks in different styles.

Here are a few of our favorite videos so far. Each video is only 30 seconds long so check them out and talk to the yoyoers that made them. Remember, there are plenty more jaw-droppingly amazing videos in the
Anti-Yo group!

Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric