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Water dispenser or cooler Pump system ? Answered

Hi everybody, i am searching to pump the water from the 5 gallon water dispenser bottle but this time from the ground level, to a small water (2 liters ) tankabove the water cooler (maybe  2 meters height from the ground level) .

So can anybody help me  to find the ideal pump to do the best job ? and there  is any pump that stops just after the small tank is full?

I need an electronic trick to make the pump works on 2 different modes
_ the first continuous mod that stops only when the small tank is fully filled
_ the second mode is the button mode, so if i pushed down the button the pump will work and if released it will stops !
So can anybody help me how to make the small electronic panel or just guide to a similar one !

!!Pls community help me urgently Pls !!



Best Answer 5 years ago

What voltage do you want to use ? How fast do you want to pump ? Work out the mass flow rate and you can calculate the power. The cheapest, simplest water pump is a windscreen wiper pump.


Answer 5 years ago

THANKS Steveastrouk for your answer, but im not proffesional and expert in pumps, but i think if the pump could fill 5 liters in less than one minute thats ok, but i really care about the ability of thr pump to stop automaticly when the small tank is full!

what about the electric panel and working modes , can you really help me about that i would be thankful


Answer 5 years ago

2 Watts will work for that - 5kg, 2 metres = 100Joules in 60 seconds

Your circuit is pretty simple. You need a changeover switch, a pushbutton, and a floatswitch. When the switch is in AUTO, if the tank isn't full, the pump runs. If the switch is in MANUAL the pump won't run unless you press the buttton, but if the tank is full, you can't overfill it.