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Water shed-I have a 30 degree driveway about 1\3 mile long.When it rains I get a torrent of water to the hiway below. Answered

I have installed 4" cross drain pipe with stocking and ducting, but the clay slit covers the large gravel and the water goes over them. I'm considering a swale with large rocks down the water paths. any helpful suggestions of construction before i spend more money.


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11 years ago

What I have seen done on forest roads is that they put diagonal gutters at frequent intervals so that the water doesn't run down the road. It doesn't take much of a ridge to encourage the water to go elsewhere. But if there's no way to get the water away from the road, like if it's in a cutting, then the swale (unusual word, I haven't heard it used outside the north of England) is going to be necessary. In California they use catch tanks with limited outflow, my friend's concrete drive is no more that 200 feet and he has two 5,000 gallon concrete tanks under the bottom of the drive, they are linked and have a 4" outlet.