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Earthquake safe shelf Answered

I have a place on my wall where I would like to hang a shelf and put a bunch of wine bottles and a picture or two. But I want it to be safe as can be.  So I'm thinking it needs a lip or something so that  if i knock it or something the bottles won't fall. I've googled it and can't find anything. If anyone has any ideas of how I can go about this I would greatly appreciate it. 



8 years ago

You need a friend that will come in and water them.

Or your need to move. I HATE HOA's. They are little nazi organizations whose only purpose is to harass homeowners. Texas just reduced HOA's power drastically.


Answer 8 years ago

I had to look that up on Wikipedia
"A case in point involves a soldier who, in 2008, was informed his fully paid-for $300,000 home in Frisco, Texas had been foreclosed on and sold for $3,500 by his HOA over unpaid dues of $800 while he was serving in Iraq."

....and this is constitutional ??????



8 years ago

Rick's idea looks good, or you could use a water cooler type bottle on a level above the pots with a tube for each plant.  Pack the tube ends with fabric and suck to get a syphon going, then adjust how tightly the fabric is packed to give you a very slow drip.

For any unattended inside watering system, I'd always sleep easier if I leave the plants in the bath, just in case the worst happens.  If it's a condo (we call them 'flats' in the UK), your HOA probably has regulations about dumping gallons of water through the floor into the property below.


8 years ago

Put a couple of inches of water in your bathtub (or sink or laundry tub or whatever) and stand the pots in it. The soil will stay damp through the holes in the bottom of the pots. Put something down to protect the surface of the tub (old towel) and be prepared to give the tub a good clean when you get home.


8 years ago

The aqua globe things do work, and may last a week depending on humidity and the plant's needs. If not, stick two of 'em in the pot. They release as much water as is needed to keep the soil moist enough that air isn't sucked into the partial vacuum at the top of the water column; that's generally about the right amount and it's pretty self-regulating.

But, yeah, having a friend come in is useful. Among other things, they can move things (change the drapes and so on), pick up doorknob hangers, and otherwise remove clues that the place might be vacant.

HOAs are part of why I've always considered condos to be the worst of home ownership combined with the worst of renting.