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Ways of making sure they only take one candy Answered

During trick or treating some families leave out a bowl of candy that says "take one only". I learned the hard way this does not guarantee people taking just one from last year. It doesn't annoy me that much (It was quite a while ago), but I wonder if there could be a foolproof way to make sure one candy goes to each individual. Maybe a robot with a thumbprint scanner? Anyways, I hope to get some imaginative answers. This isn't that much of a problem but a solution would be fun to see :D




19 days ago

Place candy in the center of one of these. (see picture)

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 1.56.46 pm.png

Reply 18 days ago

You could make money on this by giving out insurance coupons with the treats! :D


Reply 18 days ago

Tried that a few years back with a trap about half that size.
Small bowl for the candy on the pressure plate...
All welded in the open position of course and for Justin the spring was heated up until all tension was gone.
Worked great for the first two rounds of kids, then I had several cop cars coming and quite unfriendly people in uniforms demanding I remove the death trap right away, then take a ride with them to the station.
Took me quite a lot to show and convince them the thing is nothing but decoration - won't try it again, a written warning from the cops made sure of that.
For this year they even banned all mechanical fun things, like these pop up hands that grab you when you take candy.
"What if a kid decides to take a close look of the candy and gets poked in the eye!!!??"
Some councils even recommended to provide additional, healthy alternatives together with the candy ROFL
If the kids are not hyper active for the rest of the night and have a sick stomach then they certainly did not grab enough candy that night ;)
Oh how I miss the good old days when this stuff made it out of the US to be comercialsed all over the world.
Back then it really was TRICK or treat from both ends...


20 days ago

The best option I have seen so far is getting active yourself.
Nice, scary costume that looks it is just placed as a doll next to the decorations.
hold still when kids approach and if you see them taking more than one give them a good scare by moving - trick or treat, you tricked them ;)
And if someone takes the lot then imagine how long the kid will hold on to it while being chased by a monster LOL