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We have 4 bunnies, what percaustions should we take before they travel and will a dog or cat carrier be ok? Answered

the longest they have ever traveled in a car is about 30 minutes, there is four bunnies they are almost a year old. should we take any percautions before hand like taking them in the car more befor. It will be a 9 hour drive. We will be at a cabin and they will be out side all day except for at night(i think) we will be gone for two weeks.will they be ok for 2 weeks away from home?? Please tell me everything you can think that will help!


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8 years ago

They will be much more comfortable with the idea if they can travel in their own cage. If their normal cage is too big, you can use another carrier provided its large enough for the bunnies to move around, and they are given a chance to explore it before hand when at home. So put treats inside it, and allow them to move in and out freely to get comfortable with the space. You should try and take them for shorter trips (about 1 hour each) so that they can get use to the carrier and the noises that they'll experience; as this type of travel can be very stressful for pets. If you suspect that they are very distressed, will not eat or drink while the car is moving, then you should consider having your bunnies with a sitter while your gone instead of taking them with you. If on the other hand, they don't seem bothered by the short trip and will drink water and eat while the car is moving, then you should be okay for the trip. Just make sure that the temperature in the car is comfortable, and resist covering the cage if temperatures are too hot (because rabbits don't do very well in high heat and can quickly become seriously ill). Ensure that fresh water is always available in whatever they are use to (bottle or dish). Ensure that they have their normal food and treats available to them while traveling and keep the carrier lined with the same bedding material you use at home. The idea is to keep things as normal as possible to minimize the stress; but the best option would be to leave them with a sitter if at all possible. We had a bunny that we took on several long drives (about 6 hours each), and she had no problems with it, but each bunny is different so make sure you monitor each of them on the short trips.