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Wearable RGB LED Strips (with NeoPixel strips) added to Rave Hat Answered

Hello Instructables community! This is my first post so I hope this is the proper forum to post this question in. 

I am looking to add some RGB LED strips to a fluffy hat I got a while back. Im very familiar with arduino (second semester Electronics Engineering Tech @ NAIT), although I've never made any sort of wearable project before. I was looking into the arduino FLORA, though they almost always seem to be sold out. I have already configured (on breadboard) the circuit for sending messages from my phone to the bluetooth dongle, and thus changing the colour of the RGB strip seems to work (later on ill program designs and patterns).

Where I need help has to do with batteries and how to determine what will be needed given  I am using 2  8light  NeoPixel rgb strips and a HC06 bluetooth module. I was thinking about soldering the circuit onto a circuit board, cutting it out and putting it in a case, though with an arduino nano, bluetooth module, and batteries it will likely be cumbersome and uncomfortable to mount on the hat. I know I need 5 volts to power the arduino but what kind of batteries should I use? I was reading about thin lithium ion ones with the FLORA but as expected they are all sold out.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please share them with me as I was looking to have this project completed before the 6th of May. I can attach images and whatnot later as for whatever info is needed to help me integrate these lights onto my hat. Thanks.


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4 years ago

For my wearables, I always use my 3xAAA battery pack, zip tie, duct tape, sew it on, put it in a pocket, all work. When people do wearables they often get hung up on how long the batteries will last. Just have a few spare batteries on hand and change them out when you lose the glow. If the lipo battery runs out it has to sit somewhere to charge. It's a hat so it shouldn't be so bad to route all the wires and stuff. It's not going to be too heavy to wear. Show us what you make. Good luck.