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Wearable laptop computer sling for stand-up use? Answered

I want to stand up while using my laptop, but instead of putting the laptop on a stand, I want to WEAR it like a sling in front of me while I'm using it.  Maybe something strappy that would hold the laptop securely while I type etc. It's a 15" (diagonal) screen laptop, and not especially lightweight, so I'd prefer not to support its weight entirely by my neck. I'd appreciate any ideas for how to make something like that!



7 years ago

Have the laptop on a board that is attached to a belt that goes around your waste. To keep the laptop from falling off have the end of the board attached to a strap around your neck. Most of the weight will be on your hips where it should be and your neck would prevent it from flopping over and letting the laptop fall off.


Answer 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion! I think I may have found a way to do it, using a wire cookie cooling rack and some straps from old camping gear. My wire rack has square openings that catch the bottom pads of the laptop and keep it from sliding in any direction. Spring hooks make it easy to clip the straps to the rack. I can't put a strap around my neck due to an injury, so instead I've sewn two straps to the center back of a wide webbing waist strap, making "suspenders" that criss-cross in back and then go over the shoulders. I used a spring hook on the other end of each shoulder strap to clip them to the outermost corners of the rack, and also 2 spring hooks from the waist belt to the two inside corners of the rack. It's not elegant by any means, but it seems secure. The straps clip on and off the rack pretty easily, the rack is very light weight, and once the straps are adjusted to fit, it doesn't take much effort to put it on the next time. The "waist" strap is a little higher than a belt would be, so the screen distance and angle are about where I normally have it. Typing is a little cramped due to the laptop being so close to the body, but it works OK for most purposes, and I'll just stand at the counter to write that next great novel! Thanks again for your reply!