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Weather balloon photography Answered

I have been thinking about launching a balloon for a while now, but was concerned with a few problems. I just found this:


Which is good, because most of the other tutorials I've seen require one or the other. Other than this, does anyone have any tips about what kind of balloon/chute/tracking system I should use? What about the payload, what is it usually made out of?



8 years ago

For the payload you will want to use whatever material will give you a strong platform to mount your camera from and keep the camera insulated as it gets very cold in the higher altitudes. Once you have an idea of your total payload weight you can start looking for a weather balloon that is large enough to lift that payload. The chute you use should also be determined by the weight of the payload. There is allot of good information about this stuff on the web. So start doing some research on weather balloons and chutes and learn about how much helium the different sized balloons can hold and how much weight they can carry.