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Web Site Improvements Answered

Thank you for adding the "More by the author" profile banner to the top of each Instructable.

Three author-instructable images used to appear in the right-hand panel along with some recommendations but disappeared with the last site upgrade. The new location at the top of each instructable is a nice touch ...

Thanks also for restoring the graphical "Launch Stats" ...



1 year ago

Makes more sense showing more Instructables after someone has finished reading the Instructable - not a the top/beginning. Right above the comments is the best place IMO and is what I wanted to suggest ~two years ago *takes credit for laziness*


Reply 1 year ago

Yeah. It makes no sense to post it before the content itself. Sigh. I was expecting to at least get somewhat used to the new UX, but it's been sadly lacking.


1 year ago

It’s good to see something of the author’s other work, but I
agree with Yonatan24, it is in the wrong place. It didn’t use to matter – the
author info was sticky and always appeared on the page as you scrolled down.
But now it does.

It does seem that the algorithm for picking related
instructables has improved – the site is now suggesting other projects in the
same category under “Recommendations”, which is great, thank you – but I think
it’s tough on authors who have other instructables in the same category that
theirs aren’t prioritized. It’s also not an especially clever algorithm – I have
2 Catan instructables in Play > Tabletop, and both spit out the same
recommendations, none of which are related to Catan (and they don’t point to
each other). I think it’s a lost opportunity if someone is browsing a category
to have them constantly recommended the same instructables. So I hope this
algorithm continues to improve in this regard.

The same sort of clever algorithmic selection of “More by
author:” would also be appreciated. Someone visiting my light saber
instructable gets shown a spice rack, a kitchen counter and an LED chandelier.
One of these is relevant… the others, not so much. I’d like to see them
selected by category, rather than purely by most-recently-published.


1 year ago

I'd like to see the related tab back with similar projects carried beside the content you're viewing.

Many of the instructables I viewed early on were found by that way.


1 year ago

I agree. The "more by the author" is nice. The "launch stats" still needs work. I'm not sure why it only includes your top (usually old) instructables as the default plot.