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Webcam Motion Capture. Answered

I came across a youtube video recently where they use 4 webcams and motion capture software to do a cheap diy version of motion capture. Info seems pretty limited here and I can definitely use it for my indie film.  Please let me know if you've used such a set up and what software you used



5 years ago

Use motion and zoneminder on linux, but motion might work better.


5 years ago

What do you mean by "motin capture" ?
Most webcam software already comes with recording features that are activated if something changes in the picture - motion capture....

We need more info to go with, or at least the video you mention.
If you are talking about wearing a suit with dots to get 3D animations transfered it is a whole different story as this requires a lot of technical stuff for the setup and the software.
Mixamo is an example for this technology.
But for the Kinect system is also a bit of stuff available that does the job.