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Weight sensor kit sending message when weight reduces i.e. 80% Answered


I am looking to muck up a quick prototype of a weight pad with BLE, Zigbee or RFID to send a message to a smart device when 80% reduction in weight has been achieved. Can someone point me in the proper direction?

I like it to be fairly small.

Thanks in advance!



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4 years ago

Well, no problem. Design the weight pad in your favourite MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical system) CAD system - just put into mode for silicon (unless you have a multi material foundry) design some micro controller and RF components in your favourite VHDL designer (or buy some ready made IP design), send it al to the foundry of your trust and your done. Should be possible to do it the size of a piece of rice (the RF antenna is the limiting factor).

Oh! You didn't want it that small! (How should we know?)

Oh! You don't want to design your own µC?! (How should we have known?)

Oh! MEMS design is not your strong part ... (How ...)

Hey JCDA, What do you really want to do? What have you already done? Where is your problem? What is your level of knowledge?

What is the weight? Micrograms? Grams? Kilograms? Tons?

What is fairly small? Injectable with a syringe into the blood stream? Small enaough to be driven around in a car? .. a lorry?