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Weird HDMI trouble Answered


I'm having some weird issues with my HDMI connectivity...

I have a SHARP tv (aquos, 52"). The PS3 and other stuff is working as intended when connected via HDMI to the TV. However, when I connect my computer to the TV the computer recognizes the connection, but the TV doesn't, or whatever the heck it might be.

To try and solve the issue I just bought an HDMI switch, connected my digital box and PS3 to this, which works just fine, and tried the same with the computer. Nothing. The computer wont even recognize that connection, as it atleast did when directly connected to the TV. However, the real issue at hand is the first one, why the computer recognizes but won't send signals properly or otherwise why the TV wont accept the signals (but seeing as the HDMI switch doesn't acknowledge the connection to the computer, the computer should be the issue?).

Im thinking it might have something to do with the computer? Anyone got a clue?


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8 years ago

HDMI out on the PC or mac? In either one, you may have to go to the video card settings and tell the computer to use another display. If it is a laptop usually but not always it is FN + one of the function keys.

Have you tried leaving the tv on with the input you want selected, then booting the computer? It may see the input then.


Reply 8 years ago


Tried all of the above, none of it works.

Thanks tho =/