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Welcome to the iRobot Create Challenge Answered

Please feel free to poke around Instructables to get a feel for what the site is about. You can check out recent popular projects, here, and robot projects, here.

The full contest rules are here. We're looking forward to some great entries!


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Reply 13 years ago

I'm not an expert on soldering irons. I took a class a couple years ago, but no one else has answered you.
Here's what I think I know:
Battery powered - I forget the temp you need but you will probably go through batteries really fast and have trouble holding the needed temp. Use it only if you have NOwhere to plug a soldering iron in.
This gal has compiled these comprehensive lists and they look good and reasonable compared to what I have:
She has another list but this is better for people on a budget to work their way up. I've put together her miniPOV kit and mintyBoost. The kits are well put together and the instructions are great. Lots of info on the forum which she monitors and replies to. She has links for soldering tutorials. I noticed she has just started offering Arduino. You have gotten me interested in this. Today I just received another miniPOV from AdaFruit for the SLM mask in MAKE: #10. So I have that and numerous other project first.
Did you check out these two sites? They both have soldering tutorials and forums.
A quick look at the product line shows the PCB with surface mount. A quick look at the soldering tutorials and I am reminded of what boogers the surface mounts are. You need a really thin tip for that and good eyes. I wear trifocals now so I'd rather avoid them. Solder bridges and blogs everywhere.
I hope that helps answer your question. Next time you might want to post a general question like this at the "all" level. You'll probably get a quicker answer. And start a new topic like "soldering arduino components".

Robot Two
Robot Two

13 years ago

Hi. First of all, I think that this contest is a great idea, and I'm kind of thrilled that iRobot is encouraging enthusiast robotics like this.

Anyway, my idea is this. I current have a (stationary) robot, which provides no other purpose than amusement. It is a stuffed animal with a servo to control its head, and motion sensors. It turns its head to "watch" people as they move around the room, creeping them out :)

By utilizing an iRobot Create, I can make the robot mobile. Now, instead of sitting on the shelf where people know where it is, the robot can occasionally move around the room, finding a nice out of the way place by a wall or corner, and watch people moving around from there. :)

I have some links to the current version of my robot ("Lamby"), as well as some feature enhancements I started working on. If I were to make it mobile, I would have to use 802.11 instead of USB for connectivity back to a controlling PC (to support voice synthesis and recognition). More details:



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Eeew... Lamby looks like frankenstein...it would look a lot nicer without the wires in its neck