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Welder Help! (Changing the spool) Answered

Hey guys, I bought a mig welder about two months ago and the spool's out of electrode. I bought a new spool to be put on, but I'm not sure about the procedure. Could anyone help me???? I looked for the manual on google, but failed to find it (I bought it used on ebay). It's a Clarke 130EN Thanks, -Josh



12 years ago

Hi Muffinator, its really easy, I'm not sure about the model u are using but I assume it's not commercial, all u have to do is unscrew the nozzle, u will see a copper guide that the wire feeds through, this too unscrews after u remove it take a pair of pliers and remove the old wire still in the hose, then open the side cover place the spool on so it unwinds clockwise ( don't let go of the end of the wire or u may have a mess) their will be a thumb screw next to were the wire feeds through, unscrew it until the mechanism opens (there are rollers inside when u tighten the thumbscrew back down it clamps the rollers against the wire, (one on top one on bottom) one of which is a drive spool. start the wire down the tube, then squeeze the trigger to feed it completely through the hose then replace gas shroud. Make sure the numbers on the copper wire guide are the same as your wire gauge or a least a little larger, correction there prob in thousands maybe around .032? Take ur time its easy.


Reply 12 years ago

Thanks! I'm using flux-cored, so the gas shroud shouldn't be an issue...

I'm using .03" wire.

Once again, thanks for all the help =))