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Went away for the weekend- these were waiting when I came back Answered

A mere three months after ordering, I went away for the weekend, and my Raspberry Pis (raspberries pi?) were both waiting for me when I got back today.  One of them is already earmarked to become a media centre/web server/NAS all-purpose box.  I've got a couple of ideas for the other one, but I could always use more inspiration.

What should I do with my second slice of Pi?  Patch* for the best idea (even if I don't actually make it).  No, I won't accept "send it to you" as a suggestion :) I'm already torn between a MAME arcade cab and some kind of carputer.

* Judge's decision is final, one per customer, no cash equivalent, consult your physician if symptoms persist


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8 years ago

A carputer would be good but not as good as a home automation system. Motorize your curtains and give control of them and your lights/sprinklers/pc to the Rpi then use the boards pins for an ir system for close range control and connect to the internet for long distance control.