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Were can I find a Cheap Canon xl1s for under £300? Answered

I'm looking specificly for a Canon Xl1s or another high/broadcast quality camera that i can use to make films, but for under £300. I have been looking around on ebay etc. and it seems the cheapest i can find is £400. Does anyone know any websites that offer what I am looking for?


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10 years ago

In reference to your ebay search, I would recommend contacting a seller and asking them if they can go lower on their price. Remember, sellers listed the item on ebay to be sold, and the sooner they can sell their item, the better. I would contact the seller with the £400 Camera, and see what the lowest it is that they will go. Hopefully they will be able to lower the price for you.

In regards to finding a place for a Camera under £300. Try asking one of the experts on this website: http://www.allexperts.com/el/Careers-Photography/

Find an expert who fits the best description to help you with your needs, and chances are, they will know a place to find cheap photography equipment.